39 Things Cat Johnson Loves About Coworking

The following post is from the crazy awesome Cat Johnson who produces more content marketing for coworking spaces than you can shake a stick at. Honestly – does the woman even sleep? Her book, Coworking Out Loud, is mandatory for space owners and managers.

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me has heard me talk about coworking. From my first day coworking, to this very second, I have been an all-in coworking fangirl.

It’s tricky to explain the special sauce of coworking. It’s like that Bob Marley lyric, “Who feels it, knows it.”

But I’m going to try, anyway. Here are 39 things I love about coworking. I could come up with a hundred more, but it’s probably better if you just check it out yourself.

I-Love-Coworking-11. When I arrive at my home coworking space, I’m genuinely happy to see people and they seem genuinely happy to see me.

2. I’m far more productive while coworking than I am when I work from home. This is partly because our cat, books, records and neighbors don’t accompany me to my coworking space. It’s also partly because I’m easily swept up in the collective hustle of my fellow coworking members.

3. When I need a high five for courage or fun, there’s always one nearby. Coworking space members tend to celebrate each other’s wins.

4. I lend an ear, a word of encouragement or an idea when a fellow member is struggling…and they do the same for me.

5. Most questions I have about tech, business or life can be answered by the hive mind in my coworking space.

6. There are endless opportunities for collaboration. From juggling tricks to content marketing projects and everything in-between.

7. The coffee is bottomless (and we have soy creamer in my home space). #SantaCruz

8. People bring snacks to share.

9. I have access to a kitchen, a community of people doing game-changing work, and a really nice printer.

10. When clients come by, they’re always impressed with our cool space, vibe and community.

11. When I get a maddening email there’s usually someone nearby to share a WTF moment with.

12. My coworking friendships are built on mutual support and admiration. My mates want me to succeed and I want the same for them.

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13. I’m part of an amazing, thriving, deeply connected global movement. The coworking community is tight, friendly and generous.

14. Coworking puts a human face on entrepreneurship and inspires people to do work they love.

15. My fellow members have their art on our walls.

16. Coworking spaces are full of conscious people and purposeful businesses.

17. I have my own mug hanging on the wall with my name next to it. The sense of belonging this creates is surprisingly profound.

18. Newcomers are quickly welcomed into the community.

19. The support system extends far beyond work. When I don’t show up in the space, I get texts wondering where I am and if I’m OK.


Chatting about coworking space software in San Francisco with Satellite Deskworks, DG717 and coworking rockstar Meaghen Liebe.

20. There’s never a dull moment in a great coworking space. There may or may not have been a smoke machine, disco ball and stairs-sledding episode during one particularly memorable holiday party.

21. I can take an important business call one moment and a silly selfie with my neighbor the next.

22. There’s no hierarchy. No one is looking over anyone’s shoulder or creating drama around who’s doing, or not doing, what.

23. People who have moved on from the space remain part of the community/family. They’re generally welcomed back with hugs and cries of delight.

24. There are different areas for different needs and days: open cafe space, library row, phone booths, interview room, meeting room, couches, living room-style chairs, community table.

25. We celebrate each other and our community at least once a week at happy hour, and sometimes several times a week.

Coworking space operators: Each week Cat Johnson sends out free content tips and curated articles about coworking and community. Subscribe here.

26. We reserve a corner of the kitchen counter for free stuff. People share books, electronics, gadgets, plants and lots of other stuff here.

27. If you forget your power cord, there are plenty of people willing to share theirs.

28. You get all the perks of having a bustling workplace, without having to answer to anyone.


Hanging out at GCUC with my friends and coworking pioneers Tony Bacigalupo and Ashley Proctor

29. Failure is widely and openly understood to be a stepping stone to success.

30. Random conversations can lead to great connections and projects

31. There are countless opportunities to help other people.

32. There are valuable professional events and informal networking opportunities in a coworking space

33. Networking in a coworking space tends to be organic and human rather than stiff and forced.

34. You can get your social fix and get work done in the same place.

35. Random things, like juggling, dancing and cute dogs, happen regularly.

36. Members refer each other for gigs and projects all the time.

37. Coworking spaces tend to attract misfits.

38. Coworking inspires me to be my authentic, totally-flawed-but-learning-and-evolving self.

39. Being surrounded by smart, ambitious people makes me more focused and committed to my own work and vision.

Your turn: What do you love about coworking?

CatCCCroppedCat Johnson is a writer and content strategist based in Santa Cruz, California. She helps coworking spaces, collaborative teams, community organizations, coworking alliances and nonprofits reach their target audience with content.

Cat blogs about coworking and sends out a weekly newsletter full of content tips and collaborative resources for coworking space operators.

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